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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchFeb 20, 2020

Developer: Forever Entertainment

Genres: Music, Arcade

Defeat famous opponents in musical duels. Immense yourself in fantastic story of Frederic's endeavors. Catch all the Easter Eggs and subtle parodies hidden in the background. Practice your skills until perfection and become the Master of the Piano.

Fred3ric Reviews

It’s a good thing I managed to follow the music by sound because, while the graphics are fun, I really wish there was an option of a plain background while playing. I have an eyesight problem anyway and the bright, cartoony, and constantly shifting background was playing absolute havoc with my sight, often making it impossible for me to see notes coming until they hit the piano keys and then it was too late to respond. It’s a shame because I love the art style in the cutscenes, but during play it’s just overwhelming and headache-inducing.

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