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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 27, 2020

Developer: Sonaloux Entertainment

Genre: Action

Story: As you crashland aboard the DAS Antares Facility, a mining and research station orbiting the star Antares, you find out a huge breakthrough has occurred on the subject of human DNA, but something has gone terribly wrong. The facility is now overrun by infested creatures, under the command of a mysterious figure. With the survival of humankind as the backdrop and themes of AI, sentience, humanity and future technology, you uncover a rich story by exploring the now wasteland of the space-station, while fighting off hordes of infested creatures, and ultimately saving humanity. Sci-Fi Thriller: Something has gone very wrong, and you have answered the distress call. Fight your way to discovering what is going on, while possibly uncovering a few things about yourself along the way. Who is behind this? Why has the facility become overrun? And what can you do stop the fall of humanity... Singular Setting: The mining and research facility is currently orbiting the star Antares. Explore your way through the various modular facilities from the eco-centered Biotech Industries to the cryogenic research facility in the Cryonic Subsystems. Fight your way through other area's such as the waste disposal, the living quarters and even the mining facility. Face The Threat: What is causing the infestation of the staff on board the facility? How can you prevent this infestation from spreading? And whatever you do, don't make a noise at night! Play Your Way: Find resources, upgrade weapons, customize your abilities and level up as you progress through the game. Multiple difficulties, and at the end of the game, you can compare your score with friends!

Antares Critic Reviews

Antares is an impressive feat for one person and its gameplay loop is quite addictive, but it lacks polish in some areas and it takes the shine off an otherwise atmospheric, sci-fi horror.

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If the huge frame rate drops don’t put you off while playing Antares, the repetitive enemy designs and overall boring gameplay loop will. There is some hidden potential for a good game in here, and some credit needs to be given to the fact that this has been developed by a single person, but considering its current massively underwhelming state, there’s no way I can recommend this to anyone.

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If you’re looking for a space survival FPS that’s new and gorgeous without needing a huge time investment, Antares is definitely something to check out; for anyone else, consider watching some playthroughs before investigating this spooky space station.

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