RimWorld - Royalty

Ludeon Studios
Feb 24, 2020 - PC
95 / 100
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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RimWorld - Royalty Media

RimWorld - Royalty Launch Trailer thumbnail

RimWorld - Royalty Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for RimWorld - Royalty

Rimworld is my game this year. I don't think I play anything I like better. It's a mixture of ideas and genres that works perfectly. The DLC Royalty just adds more variations to that mix. One of those titles that you have to play, no excuses.

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Here is a completely unhyped, completely straightforward expansion – in the old-school sense of the term – that adds a few strong new systems to the game, as well as a whole bunch of new variables to feed into its various narrative generation mechanics. And thanks to the endlessly repeatable, emergence-focused creature that RimWorld is, it’s enough to completely refresh your sense of compulsion, even if you felt you’d done it all to death with RimWorld 1.0.

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