Coal Valley Games
Mar 27, 2020 - PC
68 / 100
New Game Network
71 / 100
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Oneiros Trailers

Oneiros (PC) | Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

Oneiros (PC) | Gameplay Trailer

Oneiros (PC) | Teaser Trailer #1 thumbnail

Oneiros (PC) | Teaser Trailer #1

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Critic Reviews for Oneiros

Overall, Oneiros has proven to be a satisfying and enjoyable puzzle game to unwind with. The worlds are beautifully rendered, the puzzles are complex and challenging. It almost feels like a light-hearted digital escape room. The underlying narrative Liam is trying to unravel about events in the real world is compelling, driving the story forward as we try to understand what happened. We are teased just enough to keep wanting a little more, but Liam himself is the biggest force against immersion. Every other box from the environment, to the backstory, to the puzzles themselves, lean into the notion of something serious on the horizon, but Liam seems like he couldn’t care less. That and those minor graphical hiccups are the only thing that stand in the way of an otherwise delightful first-person puzzle game. It’s perfect for a rainy day or just relaxing after a nice dinner.

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Oneiros is a simple puzzle game with concise escape rooms and a few surreal levels. Its third chapter is the strongest, thanks to more traditional adventuring, and is enough to see this indie game break from the pack.

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