Doug Hates His Job

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Doug Hates His Job

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneApr 24, 2020

Developer: Super Villain Games

Publisher: Super Villain Games

Genres: Action, Adventure

Doug Hates his Job is a Beat-Em Up game with an office mockumentary style story about a sales agent who, as the title states, hates his job! With 8 styles of gameplay, you get to decide how Doug responds to annoying coworkers, crazy clients, and a ruthless boss.

Doug Hates His Job Reviews

It may offer a variety of crazy situations but the core gameplay of Doug Hates His Job is nothing short of sloppy and irritating.

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Doug Hates His Job is a really poorly put together experience, it has an intriguing concept with the worst execution I could have imagined.

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Jumbled, infuriating, and unfinished are a few choice adjectives I can attribute to Doug Hates His Job. The panoply of gameplay styles it wants to flex should be treated as a canary in the coal mine for other young developers. The mockumentary approach makes its dull humor more of a mockery than of the white-collar job climate it’s lampooning. As a result, Super Villain Games succeeded in helping me relate to Doug's plight in one crucial way: hating my reviewing job — if only for a short time.

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Doug Hates his Job - Trailer (Xbox One) coming April 24th!

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