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Favorite Games:
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
  • Jak II

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His gaming history spans several console generations: N64 & NES at home while enjoying some Playstation, SEGA, and PC titles elsewhere. Being an Independent Contractor by trade (electric, plumbing, etc.) affords him more gaming luxuries today though. Reader warning: each click given to his articles only helps to inflate his Texas-sized ego. Who knows? He may become your next favorite game critic to detest.
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7 / 10 - Mosaic
Feb 21, 2020

A humorously derisive examination of modern society in game form, Mosaic is an enthusiastic dive into pointlessness—occasionally too much for its own good.

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Feb 17, 2020

STONE arrives at an uncomfortable middle more akin to a pile-up than a tightrope balancing act. The anthropomorphized backdrop feigns a more peculiar and memorable adventure, but the story is mostly lifeless and forgetful. It’s another third-person walking sim that’s not bothered to utilize our protagonist’s skills in any interesting or tangible way. Add on a fifteen-dollar retail price and you’re left considering a few rounds at the pub has more value, and I doubt our marsupial lead would protest to that.

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5 / 10 - Weakless
Jan 14, 2020

Weakless has fundamentally solid roots but inconsistent design causes this experience to wither on the vine.

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An interesting specimen that would’ve benefitted from annoying tedium and clunky controls being weeded out of its gene pool.

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With gripping game design shored up by fantastic visuals and stimulating storytelling, Return of the Obra Dinn solidifies Lucas Pope as a game-craftsman of remarkable talent.

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Jan 6, 2020

Whether it’s in respect to the repetitive gameplay structure, unsatisfying flight controls, or deflating brevity, there’s really no reason to see what the buzz is about. Bee Simulator is a well-meaning edutainment game but its honeymoon period is gone at breakneck speed. You’ve bee-n warned, and I’ve run out of puns.

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Dec 16, 2019

Need for Speed Heat feels like a hotrod just a few parts shy of reaching its former glory.

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4 / 10 - Death Stranding
Dec 12, 2019

If leaden pacing, meddlesome gameplay, and turgid storytelling is Kojima’s way for us to “build bridges” with one another, I’d rather have the wall be ten feet higher.

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1 / 10 - Police Chase
Nov 30, 2019

A police-themed game that feels like a crime existing on a store’s digital shelf.

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Nov 28, 2019

Leave it to a game focused on Nikola Tesla’s boundless imagination to seldom demonstrate the same kind of inventive spirit.

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