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American Arcadia

Out of the Blue Games , Raw Fury
Nov 15, 2023 - PC

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American Arcadia | Release Trailer | Buy Now! thumbnail

American Arcadia | Release Trailer | Buy Now!

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American Arcadia | Date Reveal Trailer | Coming to PC on November 15th

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American Arcadia - The MIX Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for American Arcadia

American Arcadia is a sharp, snappy production that could make for an entertaining film if it wasn't peppered with ingenious puzzles and platforming challenges. The dual character scenario is exploited brilliantly, adding variety, originality and humour, and even if some sections lack a real sense of participation, the visual design of Arcadia, along with some smart turns in the plot, ensure momentum through to the end.

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American Arcadia takes The Truman Show's core concept and updates it for the 2020s with a two-sided tale of escape, freedom and corporate control. The gameplay is mainly there to help deliver this story, but I always wanted Trevor to keep running to get me to the final moments and grand reveal.

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Unknown Author
8 / 10

American Arcadia offers varied and moderately balanced gameplay, peppered with caustic social commentary.

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With an appealing visual style, timely themes and excellent puzzle platform mechanics, American Arcadia confidently checks a lot of boxes. While a few of the puzzles can be head-scratchers or frustrating to complete, the majority of my experience was extremely positive. American Arcadia is genuinely something fresh and stands out in a crowded genre.

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It’s indicative of the game’s clear messaging that despite multiple car crashes, a delirious dream sequence, a high-stakes infiltration, and more, the moment that most stands out is a relatively quiet one: Trevor sitting at a piano, playing an original piece that he’s composed. For all the time spent controlling him up to that point, this is the first time where Angela, and by extension the player, can see him as an independent person, one capable of making his own decisions (in this case, his art). That glimpse of his humanity is a moving little flourish that attests to American Arcadia’s belief that we all deserve freedom from coercion and an unreal life.

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American Arcadia turns The Truman Show into an interactive indie thriller you don't want to miss.

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Just fun entertainment on the theme of The Truman Show: not deep, but not stupid either; full of references and stylization, but not entirely derivative; funny, heartfelt and ultimately life-affirming – but with an inevitable bitter aftertaste.

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Taking six to eight hours to complete, I’ve blasted through American Arcadia in just two sittings, being utterly gripped the whole time. The side-scrolling platforming and first-person puzzle gameplay blend together seamlessly, with the story here being king. Despite a few small presentation issues that need ironing out, the gameplay here is flawless – and jumping from Angela’s first-person viewpoint to being in control of a side-scrolling Trevor via her computer monitor is nothing short of genius. If you enjoy adventure and puzzles, and like the sound of a story that’s reminiscent of The Truman Show, this is a game not to be missed.

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