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SmileBasic 4

Apr 23, 2020 - Nintendo Switch
Seafoam Gaming
8 / 10
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"SmileBASIC 4" Promotional Video -- Nintendo Switch™ thumbnail

"SmileBASIC 4" Promotional Video -- Nintendo Switch™

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Critic Reviews for SmileBasic 4

I still feel that Smilebasic 4 is absolutely worth the $30 pricetag for all the creative and excellent games that the peticom community have released already, thanks to an earlier launch in Japan, and I’d argue a few of the user-creations like several of the vertical shooters are of equal, if not higher quality to some actual, full-fledged indie eShop titles. It’s a pretty incredible platform, and for budding BASIC creators, USB Keyboard and mouse support makes this far more practical as a tool than the 3DS touch screen. Definitely an excellent application worth your cash, especially if you were a fan of the previous applications!

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