War and Romance

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSApr 23, 2020

Developer: The Game Forest

Publisher: Stranger Games

Genre: Interactive Story

War & Romance Visual Novel, is a historical fiction story based on Medieval Egypt and Middle East. It's an adventure of noble warriors at the time of tyranny and slavery. A love story during brutal war times in a world full of conflict. The story is deep, with plot twists and based on historical true events, with different themes. A beautiful War & Romance thriller. You will go through historical battles between pharaohs, Persians, Arabs, Muslims and Byzantines. You will enjoy with our characters like a Byzantine noble fighting to save the girl he loves, an Egyptian girl escaping from an oppressive military rule, a noble warrior that goes above the standard of his time....

War and Romance Reviews

The game is due to release on Switch later this year. I think some tweaks like comfortable text and a cheaper price point may make this more appealing to the most dedicated visual novel fans. If you want to try a taste of the game you can download a part of it for free on the IOS store and see if its for you. For me, I was left feeling disappointed.

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