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General Information

Available on:PCApr 20, 2020
HTC ViveApr 20, 2020
Oculus RiftApr 20, 2020

Developer: Humble Sage Games

Genre: Puzzle

In Cast VR, you will explore a magical world and uncover the mystery of the missing King. You can cast spells with your magic wand and trusty spell book as you face enchanted creatures, solve puzzles and discover the castle. The Story The King is missing... and you have been summoned for your magical abilities. You must explore the castle - it is the centre of all magic. Unlock the mysteries to find the king, save his daughter, and if you can… save the world. Gameplay Your wand and spell book are how you navigate the world. Discover and use spells to interact with objects and defend yourself against enemies. Explore the castle, solve puzzles, learn about the world and piece together the mystery.

Cast VR Critic Reviews

It’s not super expensive so if you just want to add more spell casting to your VR library, it is an option. I’d recommend waiting for a sale or until patches tweak the gameplay a bit. Otherwise, regrettably, I’d say perhaps give this one a miss.

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