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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMay 14, 2020

Developer: Black Zeppelin Studio

Publisher: Conceptsleutelaars

Genres: Puzzle, Strategy

DISCMASTER is a fun fantasy version of the classic game of Tic-tac-toe with a fun card game twist! The game features a band of adorable young heroes on a brave quest to save their friend Nubby from the clutches of the evil Shadow Master! Choose wisely to position your hero's discs on the grid to defeat your opponent’s discs and block their attacks. Each time you score three in a row, your opponent loses a hit point. Each of your band of heroes has a fun special ability to help you collect enough chests to unlock the next part of your journey on the world map. Master the sword-and-shield wielding Hero Dogs, stealthy Karate Cats, and fireball wielding Fire Hogs!


Discmaster is OK. But there is just not enough content here to justify the price tag. It’s a fun enough game to play through. Who would have thought you could make the game of noughts and crosses more interesting? Maybe worth a try on sale. But sometimes it’s perfectly OK to put the Switch down and grab a random scrap of paper and play best-of-10 or more games of noughts and crosses with some random person at the bus stop. It’s cheaper and might make for a fun story, and you could save that bit of paper in your journal as a nice memento.

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