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Depanneur Nocturne

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 26, 2020

Developer: KO_OP

Publisher: KO_OP

Genre: Adventure

A short exploration game about poking around a convenience store and finding a gift with the help of its owner. But sometimes the perfect gift finds you.

Depanneur Nocturne Reviews

Dépanneur Nocturne is only $4.99 on Steam, a measly sum that is worth the price of entry for the handful of hours you can easily spend exploring. There will likely be sales in the future, and I could imagine this being a free game in a future Epic giveaway, but it's always nice to support these small independent studios when I have the opportunity. Dépanneur Nocturne isn't likely to win any year-end awards, but on a Wednesday afternoon in a quiet home, I was happy to be whisked away for a quick diversion from these otherwise hectic times.

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Dépanneur Nocturne - Launch Trailer

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