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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 4, 2020
PCApr 20, 2018
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: PlayHeart Games

Publisher: FusionPlay

Genres: Action, Arcade

pixelBOT EXTREME! combines the best of side-scrolling shoot ’em ups with an innovative colour-based targeting system along with pixelated graphics, bombastic sound effects, and a soundtrack by the Lo-Fi band Phonotrash that harken back to the early days of hardcore 80’s arcade games. Play as the rocket-powered pixelBOT as you shoot, fly, and dodge your way through 25 hand-crafted levels while collecting orbs, weapons, and unlocking extreme challenge levels. SHOOT, DIE, RESPAWN! And most importantly... NEVER GIVE UP!

pixelBOT EXTREME! Critic Reviews

pixelBOT EXTREME! can be fun while it lasts but I don’t think I’ll be going back to it after finishing it. The color-coded rocket mechanic was a nice twist and helps it stand out a bit but I don’t think there is a lot else here that separates it from other side-scrolling shooters.

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pixelBOT EXTREME! is as much fun as the player's resilience lasts, offering simple and addictive mechanics, a great artistic style in what is proposed and a level design that is sometimes incredible, sometimes cruel. If it fails in terms of charisma, it pays off by offering a wonderful side-scrolling shooter experience.

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pixelBOT EXTREME! is a very addictive ‘one more go’ retro-inspired shoot ’em up with a colourful twist. Despite the game making me rather frustrated and constantly in a panic, I found that I couldn’t stop playing it due to being determined to make it to the end and cross the flag, even if it meant bypassing most of the collectables. There are three difficulty modes (four if you include the unlocked Extreme levels), and a few assist options to make the game a little easier for those new to the genre, but if you’re going for 100% trophies then good luck – it gets quite tricky and really tests your reaction speeds. Also, if you have someone else in your house to play with, the co-op mode sounds fun as you really do need to co-operate in order to win.

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