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Cloudberry Kingdom

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General Information

Available on:Wii UAug 1, 2013
PCJul 31, 2013

Developer: Pwnee Studios

Publisher: Ubisoft

Genres: Action, Platformer

Unhappily ever after. That’s how it starts. The Orb resurfaces and the classic characters return. Kobbler with his mania, Princess with her endless boredom. It’s only a matter of time before Bob, our hero, shows up to restore order back to madness. Three powers struggle for victory and the fate of Cloudberry Kingdom hangs in the balance. What will become of the retired hero, Bob? Will saving Princess one last time win her love? Could true love ever stop Kobbler and the power of the Orb? Cloudberry Kingdom leaps through the flames into Nintendo eShop on Wii U. You’ll have to time your run perfectly through this 2D indie platformer, because the side-scrolling courses won’t stop moving! Each stage is procedurally generated by the game, and the challenge is adapted based on your skill level, character physics and more – meaning no two levels will ever be the same! With five difficulty settings and ten hero types to choose from, you’re sure to find a fun challenge in Cloudberry Kingdom. How far can you go? This action-packed title means to push you to your gaming limits! There are three different types of play, Story mode, Free Play and Arcade mode, which also include a variety of challenges to keep you coming back for more. As well as playing solo you can get together with up to three friends in co-op multiplayer, where you can traverse the levels independently, or play with your characters tied together in bungee mode. Extra challenging! On top of all that, the game features an original storyline and the voice of television star Kevin Sorbo! Cloudberry Kingdom offers a fun platforming challenge, whether your skills are mad as a hatter or just starting to emerge… - The game generates levels based on the way you play – no two will ever be the same! - Featuring five difficulty settings, ten hero types, an original storyline and voice acting by Kevin Sorbo - With a variety of single-player options and co-op multiplayer modes to challenge you and your friends, too!

Cloudberry Kingdom Critic Reviews

Though the plot is nothing special, and the graphics are pretty basic, I would say Cloudberry Kingdom is easily worth the price of admission. It will be one of the downloadable games I keep in my library and return to whenever I get that itch to play a sadistic platformer. If you feel the same, then don’t hesitate to download it for whatever system you have. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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