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The Division 2's Episode 3 DLC Releases in February

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Ubisoft has announced that the third episode of content will come to The Division 2 next month.

It was announced that Episode 3 will drop for The Division 2 in February. A specific release date was not given. Episode 3 will be available for free to all players who own the game. It was also announced that there will be no PTS for this chunk of DLC as Ubisoft does not want to spoil the new missions that are coming in Episode 3. It was revealed that there will be no PTS due to the fact that there will be no balancing changes, and having a PTS would just delay the release of Episode 3.

Episode 3 will bring a new area for gamers to explore, New York's Coney Island. The Cleaners, a New York faction from the first game, will be making a return. There will be two New Main Missions, and 2 Classified Assignments for Year 1 Pass owners. There will be 1 new Specialization, which will be an instant unlock for all Year 1 Pass owners. Finally, there will be a new Exotic, entitled the Kameleon, which is an SMG that changes colors to match the player's surroundings.

It also was revealed that the second raid, Foundry, will be released after Episode 3 is released. The raid was meant to release last year, but was delayed into 2020 this past October. The raid will be free to all players.

On The Division 2's roadmap, a sneak peak at what will be coming to the game after Episode 3 releases was featured. It was revealed that some of the areas that Ubisoft is working on includes recalibration, item stats RNG, the Dark Zone, and UI improvements. These revamps will not be a part of Episode 3, with additional information coming at a later date.

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