The BioShock Series Is Heading to Nintendo Switch

The BioShock Series Is Heading to Nintendo Switch

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For the first time ever, the BioShock series will be available on a Nintendo console. A Taiwanese ratings board listing has prematurely revealed the port of the series' recent remastered editions. Among older listings for the games on other platforms, the site lists the games together in the bundled BioShock: The Collection, but also separately, suggesting they may be available individually on the Nintendo eShop.

Neither Nintendo nor Take-Two have announced the game releases yet, but it would seem to suit a Nintendo Direct should one get announced soon. Of course, the reveal could also come sooner or later than any future Direct.

BioShock and its sequels, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, are each among the best reviewed games of the last generation and remained well regarded when re-released as The Collection in 2016. It maintains an 84 average on OpenCritic from 47 reviewers, with all but one of them recommending the game for play.

The first two games take place in the Randian underwater dystopia of Rapture, where libertarianism ran amok and metaphorically -- and sometimes literally -- sank the place. BioShock Infinite, while existing in the same story universe, lifts the story out of the Atlantic and blasts it to the clouds in a similarly dystopian city named Columbia, where overt racism is the law of the land and Lincoln is considered a traitor for aiding minorities.

We recently learned that a new BioShock game is in the works too, under Take-Two's newest studio, Cloud Chamber. No release date or even game details have been announced beyond the fact that it exists.

The ratings board leak comes just weeks after a different ruling revealed the impending arrival of the Metro series to Switch too. In that case, however, it doesn't appear the whole series will be hitting the platform as there was no mention of 2019's Metro Exodus moving to Nintendo's hybrid console.

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