A Plague Tale: Innocence and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass

A Plague Tale: Innocence and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass

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Microsoft has revealed four new Xbox Game Pass titles coming to consoles, with a few of the titles also due to hit PC. Included in the new games are two critical hits from the past few months, plus a fishing sim and a strategy game making its Xbox debut. Here's what to expect and when to expect it.

A Plague Tale: Innocence - January 23, Console and PC

Dubbed The Rats of Us by some (okay, that was me), A Plague Tale borrows the gameplay principles of Naughty Dog's proudest work and moves them to a plague-filled world that blurs history and fantasy. Players take on the role of Amicia who must protect her little brother Hugo with both swarms of rats and the Inquisition threatening them relentlessly. Asobo Studios' coming-out party was a critical success, earning several awards for its story and averaging a "Strong" 81 on OpenCritic.

Indivisible - January 23, Console

From the artist behind Skull Girls, Indivisible is a hybrid of turn-based party RPG and metroidvania with a colorful anime delivery. Considered easy to learn but difficult to master, the combat system is unlike most turn-based titles and instead has players timing their attacks almost like a rhythm game. It too was a critical success, averaging a "Strong" 78 on OpenCritic.

Sea Salt - January 30, Console and PC

Described as an action strategy hybrid title, Sea Salt has so far flown well under the radar. It currently has no submitted reviews on OpenCritic despite releasing last October. In it, you play a an angry, vengeful god where you spend your time slaughtering humanity with the omnipotent swiftness of flushing a spider down the toilet. Sounds like a cheerful time.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour - January 30, Console

They can't all be winners. This fishing sim comes in a quietly competitive time for the genre but according to OpenCritic reviewers, it's not such a great catch. It has just a 57 score from 15 reviewers and is only recommended by 13% of them. In it, players can choose from over 100 anglers, using gear from 50 different manufacturers, while catching 29 breeds of fish. It was *this* big!

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