Xbox Games with Gold for February 2020: Fable, Star Wars, and More

Xbox Games with Gold for February 2020: Fable, Star Wars, and More

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With the end of the month fast approaching, it's time once again to peek ahead at what's on offer for Xbox players via the Games with Gold lineup of complimentary games. The February 2020 lineup consists of yet another Star Wars game -- a favorite for the subscription -- among a trio of very different other titles. Here's what you'll get in February for subscribing to either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

TT: Isle of Man (February 1-29)

As you may have guessed from the title, TT: Isle of Man is a racing game that depicts the enormous real-life endurance race that spans nearly 40 miles. The game's focus on this singular, standout race is a unique premise and the developer Big Ben Interactive says the entire stretch has been faithfully recreated in the game. Reviewers weren't impressed, though, as evidenced by the game's 65 average on OpenCritic from 29 critics, and a recommendation percentage of just 21.

Call of Cthulhu (February 16 - March 15)

No, this isn't a part of the Call of Duty series. Call of Cthulhu is based on the long-running tabletop game of the same name, itself of course based on the Lovecraft lore. This first-person investigative RPG seeks to tell a new story in the world of the Deep Ones and, according to critics, remained true to that end despite some clunky gameplay and a lack of polish in areas. From the time of its Halloween 2018 launch, it sits on OpenCritic with a "Fair" 67 rating.

Fable Heroes (February 1-15)

One of the first spin-offs (of eventually many) in the once and future popular Fable series, Fable Heroes is probably not what you expect it to be unless you're familiar with it already. An Xbox 360 game made backward compatible, Fable Heroes is a 2.5D co-op beat-em-up with marionette-like characters leading the way. It long predates OpenCritic, but elsewhere online the game didn't do too well, garnering middling or worse review scores from most outlets.

Star Wars Battlefront (2004) (February 16-29)

Probably the best game on this list, Battlefront is also the oldest by far. This is the original Battlefront from way back in 2004, before the second trilogy had even concluded. People adored the game at the time, and today, though it's certainly showing its age, it's still a revisited classic for some players. At launch, the game earned great scores and set a high bar for the Star Wars reboot put on by EA in the last half-decade.

Be sure to grab these titles while they're available if you're a subscriber.

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