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Resident Evil Netflix Series Spotted Online Before Quick Removal

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A Resident Evil series on Netflix has long been rumored, and now it's seemingly been confirmed thanks to an early upload to Netflix's press center. The synopsis and basic series information was present on Netflix's site intended for members of the press, but it was only there briefly before swiftly disappearing.

While the company has yet to address the brief appearance of the series on its site, the fact that it scrambled to hide it indicates it appeared a bit too soon, but more importantly, that it actually exists. Netflix's turnaround from reveal to premiere can vary greatly. While some shows are dropped into the expansive library days after a debut trailer, other expected hype generators (like The Witcher and Stranger Things) are sometimes revealed many months in advance.

Translation: we have to wait and see just when Resident Evil debuts on Netflix, but the leaked synopsis would at least imply a reveal is coming soon, even if the first season is a long way off. Here's what the website said, as captured by The Wayback Machine:

It will be interesting to see just how closely the series follows the source material, as the synopsis would suggest some connective threads, but this is clearly no direct adaptation either.

If you need more Resident Evil in your life, there's no shortage as of late. After two consecutive years of standout titles in the series in Resident Evil 7 and the remade Resident Evil 2, this spring introduces another remake in Resident Evil 3, which will include the multiplayer mode once thought to be its own release, Resident Evil: Resistance. Resident Evil 2 finished atop our 2019 Hall of Fame after it closed the year as the highest-rated game on OpenCritic with a 92 average from reviewers. While Disco Elysium ended up tying Capcom's remake, Resident Evil 2 (176) had far more reviewers cover the game than Disco Elysium (70).

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