The Division 2 Returns to New York with Its First Major Expansion

The Division 2 Returns to New York with Its First Major Expansion

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The Division 2 will get its first major expansion in March. Warlords of New York revamps the loot system and introduces a new storyline that takes Division agents back to the city where it all began: New York.

In Warlords of New York, players will be able to travel freely between Washington D.C. and New York City as they track down a rogue agent named Aaron Keener, whose mission threatens the agents' attempted revitalization of civilization. In their manhunt, agents will take down Keener's cabal of criminal henchmen, each of whom will pop up at different times in the months after Warlords of New York is released. It sounds almost like a Nemesis System, and each enemy will of course drop loot the game's diehards won't want to miss.

In addition to this story content, Ubisoft promises an "RPG overhaul" to The Division 2 that seeks to award better loot and help players track and customize their builds more closely. This includes the return of god rolls to aid players in tracking the gear that helps them the most, as well as a more informed UI experience that will reveal your gear's roll range. Along with these changes comes a new level cap; the game will now stretch to Level 40 for agents, and the expansion will also introduce a new infinite leveling system called SHD level.

The expansion arrives on March 3 for Year 1 pass owners and a week later for everyone else, but no matter what you've already bought, you can get into the new story starting today with Episode 3 of the game's seasonal story missions. Episode 3 - Coney Island: The Hunt serves as a prologue to the Warlords expansion and it's entirely free for all players. The new update includes two main missions, two Year 1 pass- exclusive missions, new weapons including an exotic, and a new Specialization.

The Division 2 underperformed according to Ubisoft's commercial expectations, but it was still a critical hit, averaging an 82 on OpenCritic following its launch last March.

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