Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Seemingly Take Up 100 GB of HDD Space

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Seemingly Take Up 100 GB of HDD Space

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Final Fantasy VII Remake may take up a massive amount of HDD space if a recent report turns out to be true.

According to a recent leak on Reddit, Final Fantasy VII Remake will take up 100 GB of HDD space. The post showed an image of the Korean version of the game's back cover, with 100 GB in the area that states disk space. The post has been deleted, though the image still lives on Twitter. This could be the recommended space to be open for the download of patches and installation of the game, and not the title's final size. Square Enix has yet to comment on whether or not this is true, and has not revealed the game's size just yet.

Whether or not Final Fantasy VII Remake's file size is 100 GB, we do know that the game will be massive. The physical version of the game will come on two Blu-ray discs, which can hold up to 50 GB of space. For comparison, Red Dead Redemption 2 also shipped with two discs. The game took up 99 GB for the physical version, and 149 GB for the digital version.

Last week Square Enix released the opening cinematic for Final Fantasy VII Remake. The new opening is reminiscent of the original game's cinematic, containing the older movie in its entirety. However, the new opening does contain a lot more footage. The opening now clocks in at five minutes, and gives us a good look at what life in Midgar, where the first episode of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will take place, looks like. What plant life there is in the city is either dying or dead, with the huge Mako reactors that power the city ominously looming over those who live in Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on April 10th for the PlayStation 4. The game will come to other platforms in April of 2021.

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