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Sea of Thieves Patch Notes: Crews of Rage Brings New Cursed Treasure and More

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The latest Sea of Thieves patch notes detail the game's Crews of Rage update. The latest monthly update adds a new cursed treasure called Chest of Rage, which are volatile and combustible treasure chests worth ever burn they may bring you due to their high valued gold inside. We first detailed the new Chests of Rage in last week's preview. In addition to that, pirates can now change their pirate's physical appearance for the first time ever by using a new item in the Pirate Emporium. Check out the full patch preview in Rare's developer update video below, or keep scrolling to discover more about the game's simplified achievements and other new toys.

Other changes come in the form of new kinds of voyages which players can buy from Duke, and a tuning to some of the game's RNG systems which makes 24 of the game's ever-growing achievement list much easier. Essentially, Ashen Key Stash Voyages can now be completed like their Ashen Chest Stash Voyage counterparts. With Ashen Keys taking much less time to find, the time per voyage to open an Ashen Chest and reap the benefit of the Tomes inside - and their related achievements - has been drastically reduced.

If you're the type to chase cosmetics, Duke has a lot of new stuff on offer, including new Deep Ocean Crawler outfits for pirates and Wild Rose ship cosmetics - strangely lacking a captain's wheel, mind you - inspired by the fan-favorite Tall Tale. For the premium pirates, new ship cosmetics from Rare's backlog join the Pirate Emporium in the form of colorful Viva Pinata designs. These new cosmetics join a run of many more which pay homage to Rare's illustrious history, with games like Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct, and more already featured as ship designs in the past.

As with all Sea of Thieves patches, the list of fixes, changes, and additions is long. We, along with the trailer above, have highlighted the major points of emphasis here, but for the line by line rundown, check out the full patch notes on the game's website.

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