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Valve Index VR Headsets Will Be In Stock Ahead of Half-Life: Alyx Launch

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Valve promises more of its proprietary Index VR headsets will be in stock this Monday, March 9, which is great timing with Half-Life: Alyx just around the corner.

Previously the headsets were entirely sold out as players looked to prepare for the launch of what may be the most anticipated virtual reality game ever made, Half-Life: Alyx. Shortly after that, coronavirus was feared to have put a damper on the peripheral being adequately restocked, but it appears, at least for now, that Valve will have more to sell this Monday at 10 am Pacific.

If you're hoping to get a headset, it may benefit you to be quick with the add to cart button, as there's no word on just how limited this restock will be, and it may very well be your last chance to pick up an Index before Alyx's launch.

You don't need to own an Index headset to play Alyx, as most major models are compatible with the game, but Valve has made the Index the ideal headset for the game as its features, including its controllers, are specially tuned for a first-party game such as Alyx. The Valve Index store page lists several buying options depending on what you need, though all are sold out until after the weekend. Most bundles include a copy of Half-Life: Alyx too, so if you're in the market for the game and Valve's headset, make sure you know what you're getting.

Virtual reality has remained a niche space in the games industry since it came onto the scene in this new phase several years ago, and some have suggested that Alyx will be the game to introduce many more people to the potential of the peripheral, while others say if this isn't the game to do that, nothing will. We'll know soon enough, at least, as Half-Life: Alyx arrives on PC on March 23.

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