Path of Exile: Incursion coming on June 1st

Path of Exile: Incursion coming on June 1st

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Grinding Gear is ready to throw a new set of challenges at its Path of Exile players. On June 1st, a new Challenge League will launch called Incursion. Players will literally be sent back in time over a thousand years to a new area that has a definite Aztec vibe going on. The challenge? To discover a lost Temple, unlock its secrets and change the future.

The ancient Vaal treasure temple of Atzoatl has been lost to the world for thousands of years, swallowed up by the jungle. Alva Valai, a relic hunter, has learned that she can locate the ruins of the temple by thrusting you back into the past, through a series of Temporal Incursions into the temple while it was being constructed. Path of Exile: Incursion examines the effects of temporal causality by allowing you to change the future of the temple through your actions in the past. During your Temporal Incursions, you can open doors and slay Vaal Architects, modifying and upgrading rooms in the future. Be careful with the direction that you modify the temple though, as upgraded rooms confer great risks alongside their great rewards.

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