Ghost of Tsushima's Soundtrack Will Release Both Digitally and Physically at Launch

Ghost of Tsushima's Soundtrack Will Release Both Digitally and Physically at Launch

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Information on the soundtrack for Ghost of Tsushima has been released. 

On the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that the soundtrack for Ghost of Tsushima will be released alongside the game later this month. The soundtrack will be released on digital fronts, including Spotify and the iTunes Store. Those who pre-order a copy of the digital soundtrack will receive an instant download of the track, "The Way of the Ghost (feat. Clare Uchima)." The soundtrack will also be available as a 2-disc physical set. A vinyl version of the soundtrack will be released sometime in the future. 

The soundtrack for Ghost of Tsushima will feature two composers. The first is Ilan Eshkeri. Eshkeri has worked on the soundtracks for movies such as Coriolanus, 47 Ronin, and Stardust. Developer Sucker Punch asked him to focus on crafting the character melodies and themes. The second composer for Ghost of Tsushima's soundtrack is Shigeru "Ume" Umebayashi. Umebayashi has worked on the scores for films such as House of Flying Daggers, True Legend, and The Grandmaster. Umebayashi helped craft the sounds of the game's world. According to Sucker Punch, Umebayashi dug into the emotional arc of the world, and developed a suite of themes based off of key words such as serenity, exile, haunting, and sanctuary. 

"You may be wondering why we chose to have two composers score the game," stated Rev. Dr. Bradley D Meyer, Audio Director at Sucker Punch. "First off, Ghost of Tsushima is BIG. There is a lot of content and we knew we would need a lot of music to fill the world and support the evolution of Jin's journey from samurai to the Ghost. Secondly, when done properly, having multiple voices sculpting the score can weave a more diverse and elaborate musical tapestry for the game's story and action to sit upon. Ilan and Ume brought something very special to the score that we used to craft the emotional backbone of the entire world: from the story to combat to exploring the island."  

Ghost of Tsushima will release for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th. The review embargo will drop on July 14th, so stay tuned to OpenCritic to see what scores Ghost of Tsushima receives. 

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