Ghost of Tsushima is the PlayStation 4's Fastest Selling First-Party Debut

Ghost of Tsushima is the PlayStation 4's Fastest Selling First-Party Debut

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Ghost of Tsushima has been selling really well.

Sony has revealed that Ghost of Tsushima is the PlayStation 4's fastest selling first-party original IP debut. Sony announced the news on Twitter. According to the company, the game sold over 2.4 million copies in its first three days

"Ghost of Tsushima is now PS4's fastest selling first-party original IP debut with more that 2.4 million units sold through globally in its first 3 days of sales," the tweet read.

"Congratulations Sucker Punch Productions, and thank you to fans around the world for taking part in Jin's journey." 

Ghost of Tsushima takes place in the 13th century, when the Mongol empire has laid waste to entire nations during their campaign to conquer the East. Tsushima Island is all that stands in the way of mainland Japan and the Mongol horde. As the island burns in the wake of the first wave of the Mongol assault, samurai Jin Sakai becomes the last surviving member of his clan. Jin becomes resolved to do what he has to in order to protect his people and reclaim his home. In order to do so, he must set aside the traditions that have shaped into a warrior in order to forge a new path, the path of the Ghost, and wage an unconventional war for the freedom of his home. 

Ghost of Tsushima did not start as an adventure about a samurai. In the early stages of the game, Sucker Punch knew they wanted a large, open world that featured melee combat. They did consider a few ideas that than samurai, which included pirates. While these options were considered, the developer kept going back to feudal Japan and telling the story of a samurai warrior. Than one fateful afternoon, the team found a historical account of the Mongol invasion of Tsushima in 1274, and fully decided that they should do a game about samurai. 

Ghost of Tsushima is available now for the PlayStation 4. The game currently holds a 85 Top Critic Average on OpenCritic, and has the OpenCritic Mighty Rating. 

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