Stadia Pro Members Get Six More Games in September, Including Hitman

Stadia Pro Members Get Six More Games in September, Including Hitman

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While Stadia seems to still be finding its audience, its league of devotees will enjoy another half-dozen games with their Stadia Pro subscription in September. Announced by Google, the September lineup for Stadia Pro members' complimentary games includes a beloved stealth game, a YouTube sensation, two brand new games, and more.

Here's the full list:

Stadia Pro Games for September 2020:

Hitman (2016)

IO Interactive's once-episodic reboot is now the complete package and better for it. Fans adored Agent 47's return, and it's spawned two sequels since then, the award-winning 2018 Hitman 2 and January 2021's Hitman 3

Metro Last Light Redux

The modern remaster of Metro Last Light improved on a lot of the original's promise, and soon Stadia users can see what all the fuss has been about for one of the FPS and horror crowds' favorite series. 

Hello Neighbor

This stealth game blew up on YouTube thanks to a passionate fanbase of kids who couldn't get enough of the light horror approach and hide-and-seek gameplay. It's since turned into a multimedia hit with several sequels, spinoffs, and a cartoon pilot which aired on YouTube in hopes of finding a production partner.


This four-player co-op party game puts players in the role of firefighters in a gig economy where anyone with the Embr app and some free time can go out and extinguish infernos. Think of it like first-person Overcooked... where everything, even the people, are overcooked.

Super Bomberman R Online

Once a Switch exclusive, Super Bomberman R has made the rounds to most other platforms, but never like this before. The game is being updated with new online components which give the classic character a battle royale spin where 64 Bomber, uh, people compete to be the last bomberperson standing. It's a First on Stadia title.


This is another First on Stadia title, so all we have to go on so far is trailers and synopses. The dev team has this to say of it: 

"Gunsport is 2v2 volleyball with guns, with five stages, five teams, a story mode, and of course online multiplayer on Stadia. Designed as a mini-esport that encourages teamwork and friendly competition, each team has the same main weapon with which to shoot a single ball into the opposing team’s goals. But under certain conditions, players can activate their team’s unique special weapons and attempt to get ahead or turn the tide."

All six games will be available for Stadia Pro subscribers beginning next week.



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