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Muse Games, Curve Digital
May 21, 2020 - PC

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God is a Geek
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PC Invasion
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Nintendo Life
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Game Debate
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Critic Reviews for Embr

Embr is a great concept tied to deliberately off-the-wall and fun mechanics. Like Stretchers and Overcooked, it delights in turning something more serious into something silly.

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Embr is fun when it focuses on fighting fires and rescuing people, but there are too many gimmicks and unnecessary additional ingredients thrown into this pot. There's enjoyment to be had, but it could have been a lot more compelling had it just gone the obvious route.

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Embr has the potential to be a good time, a slapstick bit of carnage with friends that provides a decent amount of missions to blast through and plenty of unlockables and variations on modes to keep you and your party of first responders busy. However, on Switch this potential goes almost entirely unrealised as the online component of the game is a bust. Get a few Switch-owning friends to set up a match and you may find some fun here but without crossplay, and factoring in a few other gameplay irritations, this one is quite hard to recommend on Nintendo's console.

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Game Debate

Vicken B
8 / 10.0
Game Debate

Overall, Embr is a fantastic game that's a complete blast to play with friends. A few minor bugs that can be tweaked but nothing that breaks the game as it is in early access. There is so much more but the review would just drag on, some early gameplay can be seen online and the game is just ridiculously fun. Highly recommended if you just want to have some silly fun either on your own or with some friends.

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Embr isn’t a must-play in my opinion but if you want to see what it’s like to bust into burning buildings and toss people from rooftops to save them then it can be worth checking out. The game is perfectly playable solo but is much more fun when playing with others online just to see what kind of crazy and absurd things all of you might do.

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0 release. The devs even included an easy feedback system for bugs, framerate, controls, and gameplay issues in the main and pause menus. But I can only review the product in hand, which though built on solid foundation, quickly crumbles down.

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Embr is, in a way, a lot like its namesake. It burns bright while it lasts, sure, and it is initially a lot of fun to run around putting out fires and dealing with the general chaos of the game. Unfortunately, it burns out quickly, and soon all that is left is the faint glow of the once bright fire. At this point, this just doesn't have any sort of staying power, and the novelty of the whole experience wears off very quickly. This isn't a bad title, and even with its shortcomings it is worth the time for a quick play-through. Perhaps it might even warrant a second one some time down the line, but this is the sort of game that could've been much better with a few more ideas, and maybe if improvements come in the future this could truly be a great experience. For now, it doesn't quite generate the heat it was hoping to.

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Embr is a really fun game that will have you alternating between elation and frustration. The colourful and silly world makes for a surprisingly perfect setting for a game about the dangers of the gig economy.

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