Hyper Scape's Mid-Season Roadmap has Been Released

Hyper Scape's Mid-Season Roadmap has Been Released

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We now know what to expect for the second half of Hyper Scape's first Season. 

On Twitter, the mid-Season roadmap for Hyper Scape's first Season was released. The game's mid-season will began on September 1st, and will continue on until October 5th. 

The first week of the mid-Season includes update 1.1. The first issue of The First Principle comic will be released during the first week, and there will be a Reddit AMA. There will also be new daily and weekly challenges, as well as a new Memory Shard, both of which will be added to the game every week during the second half of the first Season. The second week of the mid-Season will include an Updated Limited Time Mode entitled Hack Runner. The next week will also have a new Limited Time Mode. The fourth week will only include the daily and weekly challenges as well as the new Memory Shard. The final week of the Season will include the release of the second issue of The First Principle, as well as the release of the Project Tower. 

Hyper Scape's latest patch, update 1.1, made adjustments to the game based off of player feedback. Gamers can now report players from the Elimination Screen, and player profiles and stats can now be seen in the Hall of Champions portal in the Hyper Scape HUB, in the profile tab. A number of changes were made to guns, including the Mammoth, Protocol V, and Riot I. The game's Aim Assist now has a slider (0-100) and not just the off / on option. The Aim Assist has also been reduced for PC Controllers. There were also a number of bug fixes made for online modes, gameplay, and more. The patch notes for update 1.1 can be seen here

Hyper Scape is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

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