Vigor, the Tarkov-Like Loot Shooter from the Studio Behind DayZ, Is Now Free on Switch

Vigor, the Tarkov-Like Loot Shooter from the Studio Behind DayZ, Is Now Free on Switch

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After a period of availability only for the game's "Founders," Vigor has now gone free to play on Switch, as was always the plan. The game has been a quiet success on other platforms for months already and now lands on Switch to try and capture a new audience interested in shooters that combine the survival elements of games such as PUBG with the smash-and-dash mechanics of Escape from Tarkov.

Vigor comes from Bohemia Interactive, the same studio that launched DayZ years ago on PC and more recently on Xbox. Vigor plays much more smoothly than the lovable mess that is DayZ however, and it looks much prettier too. Alongside the Switch launch, the team revealed Vigor has now surpassed five million total players. 

“On behalf of the Vigor team at Bohemia Interactive, I want to thank all of the incredible Outlanders for their support during the Nintendo Switch Founder’s Pack testing phase and beyond,” said Bohemia Interactive's Head of Marketing Petr Poláček. “This journey would not be possible without you all!”

Vigor's Battle Pass is live on Switch as well as all other platforms and offers a free track of new weapons and survival necessities, as well as a paid track of cosmetics. 

Vigor earned just a 65 average from a dozen reviewers at launch for the game's Xbox version, but like a lot of live-service games, it's grown into something more appreciated in the 13 months since its 1.0 launch. We'll have to see if the Switch version invites more reviews in the days ahead, and with it, possibly a more respectable average rating.

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