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Bohemia Interactive
Aug 19, 2019 - Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Nintendo Life
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Generación Xbox
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Vigor Trailers

Vigor – Official Release Trailer 🔪🍅 thumbnail

Vigor – Official Release Trailer 🔪🍅

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This is Vigor – Official Gameplay Trailer 🔪🍅

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Critic Reviews for Vigor

Vigor had a decent idea, but it bungled the delivery in multiple ways. Base building is unforgivably dull and drawn out, while the player count is too low or the maps are too big so you can go multiple matches without encountering anyone. There is more fun to be found with the squad-based deathmatch mode, but not as much fun as you could have in countless other games in 2021.

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Vigor is clunky and brutal. There is no satisfying single-player to fall back on, so every game session feels like a strain. It's a shame because the ideas are sound, and it could be great, but the poor mechanics torpedo any competitive urge you have going into it. Vigor's gunplay needs to improve drastically before it can start to accrue a real audience of passionate players.

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Vigor has the potential to be a decent experience on Switch and there's no doubt it's central gameplay loops of stealthily scavenging for loot whilst avoiding other players and making a successful escape can be tense and absorbing. However, as things currently stand, there are a few too many bugs and technical issues for our liking and we'd recommend players wait for the FTP version to drop later in the year when some of these issues should have been worked out.

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Generación Xbox

Javier Sirvent
7.2 / 10.0
Generación Xbox

Vigor is another game that comes to join the Survival genre, trying to keep us several hours in front of our TV.

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Vigor features fun gameplay and an interesting premise, but lacks longevity.

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Vigor is a looter-shooter experience that presents a strong form in its post-looting part, but when it comes to action moments, the game lacks required challenge due to its unbalanced design. Vigor will worth playing if the developer attempts to add more new content to the game.

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Vigor is an F2P shooter from the developers of DayZ, and while it features a lot of strong ideas, it ultimately can't pull it all together.

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Vigor is a really good multiplayer survival game, but it lacks content to keep player engaged after 10-20 hours.

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OpenCritic Coverage

Vigor, the Tarkov-Like Loot Shooter from the Studio Behind DayZ, Is Now Free on Switch

Vigor, the Tarkov-Like Loot Shooter from the Studio Behind DayZ, Is Now Free on Switch

After a period of availability only for the game's "Founders," Vigor has now gone free to play on Switch, as was always the plan.

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