Hyper Scape Season 2 Will Introduce Floor Is Lava Mode

Hyper Scape Season 2 Will Introduce Floor Is Lava Mode

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If the floor is going to be lava, it's a good thing the players in Hyper Scape so nimble. That's on the docket for Season 2 of Ubisoft's battle royale launching today. Alongside that new limited-time game mode comes the new Battle Pass, a new weapon, a new hack, and more.

The new weapon is called the Atrax, and it deploys timed sticky bombs at foes and does area of effect damage to all within range. To supplement your survivors, the new hack, Platform, will be arriving mid-season and will offer players a chance to build a makeshift bridge where they see fit, creating new traversal opportunities for the parkour-heavy battle royale.

Duos mode will be coming to Hyper Scape as well, though only as a limited-time game mode for now. It will debut later this season in a cycle featuring other limited-time modes such as the aforementioned Floor is Lava - which is exactly what it sounds like - as well as the return of Crown Rush, Faction War, and Turbo Mode.

In Crown Rush, a new Second Chance element, similar to Warzone's Gulag 1v1 battles, will offer players eliminated early a chance to get back into the game. 

To the north of Neo-Arcadia comes a new map district, Memorial, located where Mathieu Eiffel’s Season 1 secret lab previously stood atop Unity Hill. Ubisoft says its elevation "provides great sights on all districts of the virtual city."

Of course, with it being October, even Neo-Arcadia celebrates Halloween. From October 20 through November 3, Hyper Scape will get a bewitching makeover, including nightime maps for various game modes, exclusive cosmetics, and seasonal decor throughout the city map.  

Other features new to the game this season include more Crowncast features for players interacting with their Twitch audience, Daily Gifts doled out to players who log in any day, and an overhauled ranking system so players know where they stand among the competition. 

Season 2 of Hyper Scape is available now.


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