NBA 2K21's Neighborhood Grows to Become The City on Next-Gen Consoles

NBA 2K21's Neighborhood Grows to Become The City on Next-Gen Consoles

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When NBA 2K21 launches on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 next week, it will bring along many brand-new features, including one newly revealed today, The City.

The City is The Neighborhood transformed. Since NBA 2K14, The Neighborhood has been the ever-growing social hub for the NBA 2K community, adding features year over year like new game modes, cosmetic shops, and new ways to interact with other players, but with next week's launch, The City expands this hub to something much larger than it's ever been. Visual Concepts says The City "resembles a modern metropolis, complete with towering skyscrapers, sprawling plazas, and a city center," all while housing four distinct in-game Burroughs, the North, South, East, and West.

Rookieville is the destination for new players where they must first get past other rookies before the gates of The City open for them. The Event Center is described as the heart of The City, offering regular in-game events for all players. People of The City quests are NPC-given missions players can complete for rewards, just like in an RPG, said Visual Concepts. They will refresh every 4-6 weeks.

Here's more on these quests from the team: 

Generally speaking, there are two lines of quests. The first is a series of single player 3v3 games you will be challenged with in the Warehouses found in the court area of each affiliation. Some of these can be pretty challenging as you’ll be facing off against some of the best players to ever lace up a pair of basketball shoes. The insides of the Warehouses are actually very cool. Astute players who enjoyed NBA 2K20’s Neighborhood will appreciate the throwback efforts within them! The other line of quests will encourage you to get out and play games in The City, and reward you for doing so. Simple as that. Complete all of the quests and you will earn some unique clothing items/accessories that are not sold in stores. Get out there and ball, my friends!

Also found within The City is the Gatorade Training Facility, Special Courts, a Fire Ball which teams on a winning streak will earn to denote their dominance against all comers, apparel stores, and the Pink Diamond Plaza, which allows for a MyTeam entry point within The City.

All of this and more is on display in the reveal trailer below.

NBA 2K21 launches on next-gen consoles on their respective launch days, November 10 for Xbox and November 12 for PlayStation.


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