DOOM Eternal is now Digital-Only on the Switch

DOOM Eternal is now Digital-Only on the Switch

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It has been revealed that DOOM Eternal will no longer have a physical release on the Nintendo Switch.

It has been announced that DOOM Eternal will be digital-only when it releases for the Switch. Customers had recently reported that GameStop was cancelling their pre-orders for the physical edition of the game. Now, in a statement made to IGN, it was revealed that this was due to the game no longer having a physical release, and not that it was cancelled. 

"While DOOM Eternal is 100% on track for an imminent digital-only release on Nintendo Switch, the absence of a physical release at retail resulted in cancelled pre-orders," a Bethesda spokesperson told IGN. "Affected customers will receive full refunds and should contact their preferred retailer for more information." 

DOOM Eternal joined the Xbox Game Pass last month. This included both the base game and the title's first DLC expansion, The Ancient Gods, Part One

The Ancient Gods, Part One released for DOOM Eternal last month. The expansion is a part of the game's Season Pass, and can be purchased on its own. The Season Pass will set gamers back $29.99, while The Ancient Gods, Part One will run for $19.99 on its own. The expansion picks up where the base game left off. By bringing down the Khan Maykr, the DOOM Slayer left an imbalance of power that now threatens all of creation. With the aid of an old ally, players have to battle their way back to Urdak in order to once again decide the fate of the cosmos. The expansion includes new features, new enemies, and new ways to brutally execute them. 

DOOM Eternal is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version still does not have a release date. The game will come to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and will feature a free next-gen upgrade for those who purchase new consoles. 

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