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State of Decay 2 Gets an In-Game Black Lives Matter Shirt

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With Black History Month here, Undead Labs is celebrating the event by introducing a new Black Lives Matter-inspired t-shirt option for survivors to wear on their travels in State of Decay 2. The "Done Dying" shirt features a design borrows its name from the NAACP's "We Are Done Dying" campaign to end police brutality. 

The image is designed by artist Ty Ferrell and "portrays a figure kneeling in peaceful protest, with images of raised fists arranged behind him in a manner reminiscent of State of Decay’s familiar logo." The shirt is also on sale in the team's online store until March 8 with proceeds benefitting the NAACP.

As for the rest of the update, after countless updates that have made State of Decay 2 a harder, more challenging game for those seeking that experience, the latest update actually makes one aspect of the game simpler. Recruiting survivors into your home is easier across the board in Undead Labs' zombie survival sim.

Before you had to wait for such missions to arise before making it to a prompt that would allow you to choose to bring someone into your community. But with the new update, players have much more control over when new survivors arrive and who they'll be.

Head to almost any nearby survivor group and open a dialog with them to discover you can now openly recruit just about anyone with only a few exceptions. For one, hostile survivors cannot be recruited. If you've already burned a bridge or two, it's irreparable, sorry to say. But among groups that are Allied, Friendly, or Neutral, you have more options. Recruiting any such persons in those groups, so long as they aren't part of a crucial mission that would halt legacy progress if they left their home, comes with a price tag counted in Influence, like all of State of Decay's transactions.

Allied survivors will join you for no Influence, totally free. Friendly survivors will heed your call for 750 Influence. Neutral survivors will come with the steepest price of 1500 Influence.

Lastly, the game has been updated to allow for mouse and keyboard support on Xbox. State of Decay 2 is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and is included in Xbox Game Pass.

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