This Weekend's Free Play Days Will Feature The Elder Scrolls Online

This Weekend's Free Play Days Will Feature The Elder Scrolls Online

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We now know what games will be featured in this weekend's Xbox Free Play Days event. 

On the Xbox Wire, the three games that will be featured in this weekend's Free Play Days event were announced. The event begins today, April 1st, and will run through April 4th. The first game that will be available this weekend is The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited. The game will get an extended stay in Free Play Days, and will be available until April 13th. This will give players plenty of time to explore Tamriel, craft their own weapons and style of play, and journey through epic lands. The Morrowind chapter of the MMORPG will be made available during the game's stay in Free Play Days. 

The second game that will be playable this weekend is Hunt: Showdown. Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person PvP bounty hunting game with strong PvE elements. Gamers will be part of a group of bounty hunters tasked with banishing nightmarish creatures from our world, and will be paid generously. Should players fail and die, they will be stripped of both their character and gear. Showdown is set in the darkest corners of the world, and packs the thrill of survival games into match-based format. 

The final game to be featured this weekend is Steel Rats. In Steel Rats, gamers will visit an alternative, dieselpunk version of 1940's American Coastal City, and save it from the invasion of alien Junkbots. Players have only one mission: kill the bots. They will ride a bike equipped with an arsenal of razor sharp wheels, harpoon guns, and flame-throwing exhaust. This 2.5D indie platformer features innovative gameplay, mechanics based on physics, and a dieselpunk graphics style. 

Xbox Free Play Days lets gamers try out a number of titles every weekend. Those who wish to continue playing this weekend's three free games can do so at a discount. If the game is purchased, any Gamerscore or achievements earned will be kept. 

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