Neo: The World Ends With You Now Has a Release Date

Neo: The World Ends With You Now Has a Release Date

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Neo: The World Ends With You now has a release date. 

Neo: The World Ends With You will release this summer. On the PlayStation Blog, it was announced that the game will release on July 27th for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game will come to the Epic Games Store sometime this summer. It was also revealed that those who pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store will receive a number of bonuses. These bonuses include the Legendary Threads Set, which gives players a number of items that will help them out as they start the game. These items will grant a number of different effects, including increased attack and increased movement speed in battle. Players will also receive a special Avatar set with their pre-order. 

Neo: The World Ends With You takes place in Shibuya, where players will take on the "Reaper's Game," a life-or-death battle for survival. Gamers play as Rindo, who is a part of a four person team called the "Wicked Twisters," as he tries to uncover the mysteries behind the Game that he is being forced to play. Neo: The World Ends With You features a re-creation of modern Shibuya with a comic-inspired art style. Gamers will be able to explore the city, take on monsters, and try to complete missions as they try to change the fate that they have been handed. 

Neo: The World Ends With You was originally revealed last November. At the time, it was also announced that an anime based off of the first game in the series was also in the works, which debuted in Japan on April 9th. Funimation will be handling the Western release of the anime. The anime does keep the art style that the games are known for. 

Neo: The World Ends With You will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch later this year. 

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