New Nintendo Switch and Fujifilm Printing App to Launch Next Week

New Nintendo Switch and Fujifilm Printing App to Launch Next Week

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Gamers will soon be able to print photos from their Nintendo Switch systems.

A new app for smartphones will soon release for the Fujifilm Instax Link printer that will allow gamers to print photos from their Switch. The app will be released on April 30th, the same day as New Pokémon Snap (via GameSpot). The new app links player's Switch with their phone, letting them capture and frame screenshots from their system and print them out on the Instax Link. Gamers choose an image from their Switch gallery, scan the QR code with the new app, and then choose how they wish to crop it. The photos will be customizable, allowing gamers to decorate the border elements with frames and themes based off of Super Mario, Animal Crossing, and New Pokémon Snap. Physical copies of the photos can the be printed on the Instax Link. 

The new app is not all that is coming out to celebrate the release of New Pokémon Snap. There will be a new Instax Link color called "Ash White (Red and Blue." There will also be a silicon Pikachu case for the printer, as well as a bundle with the case. These items will be released along with the upcoming app next week. 

New Pokémon Snap will be released next week. The game is the long awaited sequel to the original Pokémon Snap that released for the Nintendo 64. New Pokémon Snap will take players to the Lental region, where they can take photos of Pokémon in their natural environments. These environments include dense jungles, vast deserts, and more. Players will be able to edit and adjust any photos that they take, which will be stored in a personal in-game album. Gamers will be able to adjust the brightness, blur, and zoom of the photos, as well as add stickers, frames, and filters. 

New Pokémon Snap will release for the Nintendo Switch on April 30th. 

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