Hood: Outlaws And Legends Review Embargo Details

Hood: Outlaws And Legends Review Embargo Details

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Hood: Outlaws And Legends was first revealed last year during a Sony online presentation and has since been on the minds of stealth-action fans. Here's when to expect Hood: Outlaws And Legends reviews to start appearing online.

The review embargo for Hood: Outlaws And Legends doesn't really exist. That's because despite the game launching on Monday, May 10, those who pre-ordered the game already have access to it in full today. Review codes are now going out to critics as well, so they can more easily assess the game in a live multiplayer environment, critical for this sort of assignment. Hood is, after all, built around multiplayer in a PvPvE environment where two teams of thieves and tricksters must fight to pull off intense heists.

Therefore, Hood: Outlaws And Legends likely won't have much in the way of reviews to offer its players and fans for a few days at least. With the weekend ahead, one can safely expect some review-in-progress reads to pop up by the time the game launches everywhere on Monday, but that's probably not going to be enough time for any critics to amass their complete thoughts on the new IP.

There hasn't been much in the way of previews, though IGN did get its hands on a "final preview" of the game a month ago, calling it a blend of Robin Hood, Game of Thrones, and Payday, the co-op heist game, not the candy bar. Here's more from the preview.

It makes for a fresh and exciting multiplayer experience, one featuring elements like medieval melee combat that aren’t often seen in competitive multiplayer games. It clicks almost immediately as you scurry with your teammates through the courtyard, stealthily assassinating opposing guards as you search for The Sheriff - a hulking knight holding the key to the vault. Anyone who has played a third-person action game in the past decade will immediately feel at home in these opening moments, making Hood: Outlaws and Legends more accessible than you’d expect given its large number of moving parts.

Without a fixed date and time to expect one swift info-dump of reviews, we invite you to return throughout next week as reviews will more likely trickle in a few times per day, extending into the week after, no doubt. On the game's OpenCritic homepage, you can guess the score you think Hood will earn ahead of those reviews coming in.

The calendar is picking up, so be sure to check out when we expect Biomutant reviews as well as Knockout City reviews.

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