This Week's Free Play Days Event Will Feature Gears 5

This Week's Free Play Days Event Will Feature Gears 5

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This weekend's Free Play Days' titles were revealed.

On the Xbox Wire, the titles that gamers will be able to try this weekend through this week's Free Play Days event have been announced. The games will be available from May 20th to May 23rd. 

The first game that will be available this weekend is Gears 5. During the weekend, players will be able to play on a new map, Ephyra, and will be able to try out new characters Ukkon and Hana. Also, for this week only, gamers will be able to play the competitive playlist, "One Shot One Kill" in Versus. 

The second game that will be free to play this week is F1 2020. Players will be able to try out the official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship. Gamers can create their own F1 team and challenge the official F1 teams and drivers across 22 circuits. Players can race together with two-player split screen, or take on the world online. Either way, they will have the chance to get behind the wheel of legendary cars that spans F1's history. 

For those who wish to continue playing this week's games after the Free Play Days event ends can purchase them at a discount. Sales include 60% off of Gears 5's Standard and Game of the Year Editions, and 75% off of F1 2020's Standard and Deluxe Schumacher Edition. Any Gamerscore, achievements, and DLC earned or purchased during the event will be carried over if the games are bought. 

Free Play Days events allow gamers to test out out few titles for free every weekend. The event is available for anyone is is a Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member. There is also the occasional Free Play Days for All events, which allow gamers to try out the benefits of Xbox Live Gold without having to be subscribed. 

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