Battlefield Reveal: Where To Watch And What To Expect

Battlefield Reveal: Where To Watch And What To Expect

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E3 is starting early with the big reveal of the next Battlefield game coming on June 9. Rumors - and now teasers - say it's called Battlefield 2042, though we don't know that for sure just yet (my money was on the plainer "Battlefield"). If you're wonderng where, when, and how to watch the Battlefield reveal, here are all the details in advance of its proper debut.

After some delays, the next Battlefield is set to be revealed on June 9 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. That might even be today, depending on when you read this. Don't be late! You can watch it right here, as the video below is a livestream link that will play the reveal right on time.

Battlefield has taken a few years off to regroup while Call of Duty has surged further ahead thanks in large part to the popularity of Warzone, the free-to-play battle royale offshoot that first launched alongside Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019).

A teaser campaign online and in other Battlefield games this week all point to something called Battlefield 2042. What's not yet clear is whether that will be the official name or if it's more of a callback to the original game, Battlefield 1942. One hundred years into the future since that World War II-set classic, fans have lofty expectations for the next Battlefield, not just because of how much time the team has taken to get it right, but because the shooter landscape has shifted somewhat since its last appearance, so it's exciting to see how DICE and EA might adapt.

While EA Play Live in July will likely host a much grander event for the game, including probably a live multiplayer demo, the reveal should set the stage for the game and maybe answer questions such as whether or not it has a story mode, a battle royale mode, and just what kind of weapons players will be using in the near-future.

Watch the Battlefield reveal right here starting at 7 AM PT on June 9, then enjoy the song stuck in your head all day.

hums "dun-DUN-dun DUN-DUN-DUN"

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