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Death Stranding PC Launch Announced for Summer 2020

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This Friday, the review embargo for Death Stranding on PS4 will lift and the world will start to better understand what the strange game is like. Before that, though, PC players can take comfort in knowing they can play the game on their preferred platform too, provided they have some patience. Death Stranding comes to PC in the summer of 2020, Kojima Productions announced today.

No firm release date beyond that was given yet, though more information on the PC version is promised to arrive soon. The PC version of Death Stranding will be published by 505 Games, who also recently published Remedy's cross-platform mind-bender, Control and the Metroidvania RPG from Skull Girls developers, Indivisible. In January, they will also be publishing Journey to the Savage Planet, a comedy co-op game about exploring dystopian alien worlds.

The announcement of Death Stranding coming to PC was made by Kojima Productions on Twitter. The game will launch on PS4 on November 8 with reviews starting to appear online this Friday, November 1. It will be Hideo Kojima's first game outside of his work on the Metal Gear Solid franchise in five years.

Previous to Death Stranding, Kojima was working on Silent Hills, a new perspective on Konami's famed horror franchise. He was collaborating on that one with Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus before internal power struggles led to his much publicized departure from Konami. Silent Hills lives on today only through its demo, P.T., which Konami removed from PlayStation stores and is now only available on any PS4 that had it installed before it was removed. Even those who downloaded it before deleting it can no longer download it again, which stung some fans at the time of its removal. Kojima has since brought Del Toro and Reedus into the fold with Death Stranding, with both now playing roles in the game, including Reedus in the starring role.

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