Code Vein's Season Pass DLC Will Launch in Early 2020

Code Vein's Season Pass DLC Will Launch in Early 2020

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We now know when to expect the Season Pass content for Code Vein to be released. We were also given a release window for a seasonal update.

Bandai Namco has announced that three sets of Season Pass DLC for Code Vein will release in early 2020, though no exact date was given. These three sets of DLC will add new boss fights, weapons, Blood Codes, Gifts, customization parts, and more. The Season Pass will also include costumes for companions. Bandai Namco has stated that they will share more information on what to expect from Code Vein's Season Pass content on a later date.

It was also announced that Code Vein will receive an update in December. The update will help make the holidays more jolly with Christmas-themed accessories, dances, poses, and more. This is much like the update that the game received in October, which added seasonal content in the form of new creation accessories, color pallets, and face paints. While we know the content is releasing next month, no exact release date as been given just yet.

Earlier this week, and new patch rolled out for Code Vein. The patch fixed a few issues that the game was having. This includes fixing a bug in which the guest gets an application error when the host changes partners at Mistle during multiplayer mode. A number of other fixes were made as well, including some minor bug issues. You can read the patch notes for the small update here.

Code Vein is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game has been dubbed the "anime Dark Souls" due to its art style and difficult gameplay. The Season Pass for the game will cost $24.99. It is has not been stated if the sets of Season Pass DLC can be purchased separately, and for how much.

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