Epic Games Store Free Games Includes Rayman Legends and More

Epic Games Store Free Games Includes Rayman Legends and More

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Epic Games Store is getting two more free games, with one being offered this week and another coming next week beginning on December 5. For players looking to pick up a freebie today, you can now grab Ubisoft's colorful platformer Rayman Legends. It's free until December 6, that's next Friday. Then, beginning on December 5 and running until December 12, players can also grab Jotun: Valhalla Edition free of charge.

Rayman Legends released in September 2013 for Wii U and PC before migrating to other platforms six months later.It garnered very strong reviews, with an OpenCritic score of 91 from 38 reviewers. It's the follow-up to Rayman Origins, which helped launched a successful reboot of Ubisoft's ear-spinning mascot from yesteryear.

It eventually came to Switch in the form of Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition with new exclusive content just for Switch players. It earned more praise there too, even four years from its original launch, and today has a Mighty 85 on OpenCritic.

Jotun: Valhalla Edition is called a "hand-drawn action exploration game set in Norse mythology." In it, you play Thora, a recently deceased Viking warrior who must prove herself to the Gods in order to be permitted into Valhalla, the afterlife for Norse heroes. The Valhalla Edition includes Valhalla Mode, which works as the game's extreme difficulty mode for the most battle-tested players. Jotun comes from Thunder Lotus Games, the same team behind two other hand-drawn games, the 2017 metroidvania Sundered and the upcoming death-obsessed sim, Spiritfarer.

Jotun earned strong reviews when it launched exclusively on PC in 2015. Today it has a a score of 79 from 16 critics. Its later console port Jotun: Valhalla Edition, which is the one that Epic Games Store players will receive, earned similar marks. It has an average of 75 from a much larger pool of 58 reviewers.

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