Resident Evil 3 Leaks Due to PSN Store Scrape

Resident Evil 3 Leaks Due to PSN Store Scrape

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A remake of Resident Evil 3 has seemed likely ever since Resident Evil 2 became one of the year's biggest successes. After intensifying whispers got people speculating about the game again, digital store preview site scraped cover art for multiple versions of the rumored project, including western and Japanese box art, each with their localized names for the series, as well as a Z Edition of the game, which presumably comes with some bonus content. The key art also includes modern designs of Jill, Carlos, and the unforgettable Big Bad, Nemesis.

Clearly this isn't how Capcom would like to have its reveal go, but given that it's popping up on PSN, it may be safe to assume the intended announcement is coming soon. The Game Awards are just around the corner on December 12, so it would seem as good a time as any to debut a trailer, as the award show is known to bring exclusive reveals with it annually.

Capcom has made a habit out of launching one of their marquee titles each January for several years running, including Resident Evil 2 in 2019. While some will anticipate this being the next January game for the developer-publisher, it may instead be their other Resident Evil game in the works, an asynchronous multiplayer game once revealed under the working title Project Resistance. The same content update on Gamstat today also seems to have tipped off the game's true name with a second cover art leak. It's now known as Resident Evil Resistance.

We probably won't have to wait long for the reveal of these games, which will all but surely come in the same reveal event. Whether that's The Game Awards or something else is still to be seen. For now, you can catch up with the reborn series by checking out reviews of Resident Evil 2, whose 92 OpenCritic score makes it the highest reviewed game of the year.

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