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  • Dark Souls
  • Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
  • Total War: Warhammer

33 games reviewed
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Raised on '90s PC games, with occasional dips into console. Likes shooters, strategy games, and RPGs. Currently deputy editor at PCGamesN.
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7.1 / 10.0 - Blood Bowl II
Sep 22, 2015

A strong strategy game tarred by its unfinished feel and the influence of luck, but fans of the setting will be able to overlook its flaws

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A mostly successful step out of Civilization V's shadow, Rising Tide is a fine strategy game that only suffers in comparison to its truly great predecessors.

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Nov 28, 2015

I had far more fun with Legacy of the Void than I was expecting to. The campaign is excellent, and even as a newcomer, transitioning from the single-player to dabbling in multiplayer was surprisingly smooth. RTS fans past and present should take this opportunity to return to StarCraft, or - even better - join the action for the first time.

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8.8 / 10.0 - XCOM 2
Feb 8, 2016

An incremental rather than radical improvement, but no less an achievement for that, XCOM 2 irons out flaws you didn't even realise existed in Enemy Unknown. The consequence is one of the best strategy games in years.

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7.4 / 10.0 - SUPERHOT
Feb 25, 2016

Superhot is a groundbreaking idea wrapped in a slick, minimalist aesthetic. Though its gameplay offers little variety, it is fun and truly unique, and comes at a fair price.

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Feb 25, 2016

Garden Warfare 2 looks great, boasts a huge roster of inventive characters and contributes much to the social shooter genre. Single-player and PvE content is lacking, however, and this exacerbates the already glacial pace of progression.

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9.1 / 10.0 - Dark Souls III
Apr 4, 2016

Every element of Dark Souls III reinforces the others, from the broad, contiguous sweep of its stunning yet desolate world to the tiniest, menacing croak of a waiting basilisk. This triumphant summation of the series to date sets a new standard for action-RPG gameplay, and is a landmark achievement in game design.

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8.5 / 10.0 - The Banner Saga 2
Apr 24, 2016

The second episode in The Banner Saga retains the gorgeous artwork, strong characters and agonising choices that made the original a success, while adding depth, variety and clarity to the combat.

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8.8 / 10.0 - Doom
May 25, 2016

Beautiful to look at, thrilling to play and infused with the gleefully anarchic spirit of the original, *Doom* offers the best and most refreshing shooter campaign in years. This alone would justify the price tag, but abundant secrets and potentially endless content via SnapMap add further longevity. *Doom* is back.

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Jun 8, 2016

Total War's mechanics and the Warhammer setting complement one another beautifully, and Creative Assembly has mostly nailed the execution. Total War: Warhammer is the best representation of the Warhammer universe there has ever been in a video game, and the best entry in the Total War series for some time.

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