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I'm a big fan of weird and niche video games! I grew up on DDR, Katamari Damacy, Elite Beat Agents, and Trauma Center, so you know I'm a pretty fun rhythm agent doctor (just kidding.) I dabble in freelance, so if you want someone to help out with a script or story for a gaming project or need something reviewed, let me know! You can follow me on Examiner or Twitter to keep up with my sporadically updated pages. May be a kid or a squid.
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Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche is a fun little game that fans of Wayforward titles or a good laugh will enjoy. While I wish it was longer, there's no doubt that a lot of effort went into making this a hilarious riot of a title.

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15 / 100 - Wurroom
Apr 2, 2020

Wuroom looks amazingly creepy, which is a shame because it isn't worth your 99 cents or 10 minutes of your time. It feels like a tech demo for an art project, and maybe with a little more effort, it could be something more than a screensaver. There are much better ways to spend 99 cents on the eShop.

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60 / 100 - The Complex
Mar 31, 2020

The Complex is a decently serviceable FMV game that has an ambitious relationship mechanic that drives choices forward. However, with some odd presentation choices and limited freedoms, this feels more like a midday movie matinee than a crowd-pleasing blockbuster.

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50 / 100 - Skellboy
Mar 18, 2020

Skellboy is a lovely looking game with an addictive soundtrack and lighthearted story. However, its main gameplay loop is unremarkable, and there isn't much to differentiate itself from the competition.

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Mar 6, 2020

A little too short to be wholly delectable, Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is still a lighthearted visual novel that's worth its asking price.

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80 / 100 - Thoth
Jan 31, 2020

THOTH is a blissfully difficult twin-stick shooter that challenges your reflexes and puzzle-solving skills on the fly. Never have 2D shapes been creepier.

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80 / 100 - Raging Loop
Jan 25, 2020

While it takes a while to establish the plot, Raging Loop is a visual novel that's grisly and heartfelt. It's equal parts terrifying and cerebral, and will appeal to anyone looking for a mystery-horror game to curl up and read to on a bleak night.

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70 / 100 - Squidlit
Jan 25, 2020

While the length will no doubt be a problem for those hankering for the Game Boy platformer days, Squidlit does enough with what's given to create a lovely homage to the beloved handheld games of the 90s, featuring a charming personality and fun presentation.

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Jan 15, 2020

An accessible romp into the world of rhythm games, Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! is an eclectic treat for anyone trying to get their arcade fix at home. It might take a little time to get used to the controls, but those willing to practice are bound to find a satisfying musical experience.

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70 / 100 - 140
Jan 14, 2020

140 looks and sounds as great as ever on the Switch, though some boss battles and a lack of meaningful post-game content means that it's like an album you'll listen to once and forget about until you come back to it years later.

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