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I'm IGN's Executive Editor in charge of game reviews. I've been a professional game critic since 2004, when I started at PC Gamer Magazine, and served as Editor in Chief for GameSpy.com from 2012 to 2013.
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Oct 28, 2020

Watch Dogs: Legion's bold use of roguelike mechanics in an open-world action game pay off in interesting ways, making this visit to near-future London feel more varied than the previous two games.

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5 / 10.0 - Serious Sam 4
Sep 24, 2020

Serious Sam 4 still has the spectacle of hundreds of enemies bearing down on you, but its long stretches of run-and-gun shooting quickly become monotonous.

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Sep 9, 2020

The Outer Worlds’ Peril on Gorgon DLC is mechanically unambitious in that it doesn’t introduce any new ideas to change up gameplay, but it does take the crew of the Unreliable to several new locations around the Hyperion system as it unveils a fairly lengthy and entertaining detective story.

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Jul 27, 2020

The Destroy All Humans! remake recaptures the simple, campy joy of of rampaging through 1950s America as an angry gray alien.

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7 / 10.0 - Orcs Must Die! 3
Jul 15, 2020

Orcs Must Die! 3 is very familiar to players of the second game but still a fun and goofy action/tower-defense challenge.

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Jun 27, 2020

Phantom: Covert Ops takes itself way too seriously and it stealth is basic and reliant on virtually blind enemies, but infiltrating an enemy base with a murder canoe in VR does have its bright spots.

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6 / 10.0 - Disintegration
Jun 10, 2020

Disintegration's single-player campaign has some novel ideas and its robot enemies die well, but it never achieves any tactical depth.

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7 / 10.0 - Maneater
May 22, 2020

Maneater's monster-shark feeding frenzy is fun but simple, and that lack of depth causes it to become repetitive as time goes on.

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8 / 10.0 - Gears Tactics
Apr 27, 2020

Gears Tactics does an excellent job of grafting Gears' signature look and feel onto XCOM's turn-based battle format and looks great doing it.

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10 / 10.0 - Half-Life: Alyx
Mar 24, 2020

Half-Life: Alyx has set a new bar for VR in interactivity, detail, and level design, showing what can happen when a world-class developer goes all-in on the new frontier of technology.

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