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  • Final Fantasy VIII

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I've been playing video games since the early 90s, when I got my hands on a NES... then I never stopped playing them.
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Dark Room is the strongest episode of Life is Strange. It leaves you wanting to see what happens to Max Caulfield and the rest of Arcadia Bay whilst also delivering a truly entertaining slice of gaming.

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Apr 6, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake is easily one of the best RPGs of this generation.

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8.9 / 10.0 - Final Fantasy XV
Jan 20, 2017

Despite the shortcomings of the game, when it gets it right it really gets it right. The main story is nowhere near as interesting as finding out about Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladioulus as you slowly progress through the world. The building of the characters and their silly conversations will last longer in your memory than most of the main story beats. The combat is slick and fun, the dungeons are some of the best ever in a Final Fantasy game and the graphics are lovely. It will be interesting to see how Final Fantasy XV evolves over the next year through DLC and patches. For now though it is a lovely experience. Warts and all.

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The continued development of Max and Chloe as a crime solving duo is handled in a way that really makes you care for both of them. Time travel and its consequences are also being explored brilliantly, with the weight of each decision requiring you to really think things through.

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Life Is Strange is on an interesting path at the moment. Its second episode throws bigger decisions at you than the first and it will leave you racking your brain to try and figure out what the outcome will be in future episodes. Whatever may happen Life Is Strange is looking to be the kind of game that you will go back to more than once, just to see if you did something else would everything be OK.

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8.7 / 10.0 - Chariot
Oct 27, 2014

The fact that the game feels so different when playing it in single player and playing it co-operatively though is part of what makes it great. There are some niggly issues, such as jumping being a bit awkward at times and the physics being a bit temperamental, but with many levels to playthrough, routes to find and speed runs to master Chariot easily compensates for its downfalls.

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Polarized is not the perfect ending that some might've hoped for but it's a very strong finale. It carries a lot of the problems the other episodes did but they are issues that feel small in the grand scheme of things. The issues addressed narratively are situations that not many games have been brave enough to explore. That's something that can be said for the game as a whole. For that alone Life is Strange deserves to be applauded.

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8.7 / 10.0 - Yakuza 0
Mar 5, 2017

If you’re a fan of story rich games, 3D brawlers or just content rich games then Yakuza 0 should be on your radar. Some may be put off by the lack of an English voice acting option but, as previously stated, the localisation team have done a great job in making it a joy to read and genuinely funny in places. There’s so much to do and being able to partake in the story of the series from the very beginning makes it great for newcomers too. If you’re looking for something you can spend hours exploring and still not see it all, then Yakuza 0 is definitely something worth your consideration.

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8.6 / 10.0 - Her Story
Jun 23, 2015

If you're a fan of the crime genre, whether it's in videogame, television, film or book form, this is definitely a game for you. It's easy to pick up but difficult to put down and will leave you wanting to discuss and analyse it even when you're not playing.

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Jul 16, 2015

The PlayStation 4 instalment is the best version of Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster and although both games have their flaws and are a bit dated, they are still extremely solid JRPGs. The fact that you can now get the ultimate version of both games in something that costs less than £40 is great. Especially when you consider the 100+ hour's worth of gameplay the game has to offer.

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