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I was super excited to be able to really support the series making an official jump to North America, but looking at this as an introduction to the series doesn’t work.

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Sep 6, 2016

Mankind Divided takes a step forward into learning of conspiracies and the organization behind it all. The story is given a better pacing that allows for more sense to be made over the deeper and more complex areas of its narrative.

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Aug 23, 2016

The premise of the game is dark. It still finds a way to be light and humorous, even if it is a morbid comedy. The humor can be found in the story paragraphs that appear on the map and the item descriptions. The knights are cartoon-like and so is the King. And while about death there is no gore to this game.

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86% - Bound
Aug 18, 2016

The stylized look is stunning and interesting visually. Even with the issues of the levels and controls, Bound uses the unique movements to make it more compelling and engaging. The story is emotional and deep. The lack of narration used to tell the story makes it even better.

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Aug 4, 2016

I almost feel bad talking about this game. Call it a guilty conscience, but This is the Police drew me in with its narrative speaking throughout the story. I will say that those parts were well written and at least mildly intriguing. But the actual game part failed to keep me engaged.

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Jul 29, 2016

In all, the game feels like it is the developers testing the waters of ideas, but they pulled from their older games to give something to the long time players of the series.

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Jul 19, 2016

The world creation is where this game shines. The limited amount of areas is full of small details. When looking at random documents and reading them, they’ll have actual information – not just gibberish to make it look like a document was written without any real content.

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Jul 15, 2016

he slow start to this game really almost made me give up on it. I am glad I waded through because the battle sequences are fun and challenging. Then the change in team keeps from getting complacent in the moves and abilities available. Some of the character interactions can be a bit odd, mostly in Ichiya’s section related to the female characters around him. But there are other more endearing and interesting interactions that make up for some of the oddities.

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Jul 1, 2016

I just want to start by saying that I’ve been waiting at least 5 years for this game. I had already been well into the Fire Emblem series when I first played Persona 3 and Persona 4. It was shortly after playing those, and loving them, that a friend informed me of a rumor of a crossover of the series. Back then, it had only been a rumor with no details to when or how it would come to life. So I imagined and dreamed up scenarios for how the two separate style of games would merge. These imaginations of mine looked nothing like Tokyo Mirage, but this game is everything I never knew I wanted.

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Overall for the main game, it was an enjoyable experience. The character interactions helped in making up for the faults in the boss battles. The script of the game may have relied too much on cursing, but there are still genuine moments. The weapon variety is fun to play with and can be switched through during battle, not just setting what you want prior to a fight. The combat was fast-paced and smooth, and it heavily set up for replayability.

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